Our Vision

To enable businesses to converse with, and retail to customers across all channels in an effortless and personalised manner.

Digital Leap into Retail in 2014

eCommerce has evolved from desktop, to mobile, to simply "digital retail" and in 2014 this is simply just known as retail. Unless of course you need a swish expression to use, in which case we're talking about Omni Channel retail. Digital Leap are rather good at helping retailers of various shapes and sizes turn from retailers with multiple siloed channels into omni channel retailers where the customer is King and everything they tell us about themselves translates into an effortless experience across every touch point driving loyalty, advocates, cost reduction, and revenue.

We've been doing eCommerce since the 90s and ultimately we've broken down everything into a simple set of rules...

pointing at 4 steps to omni channel retailing

Continuous Improvement - achieving the dream!

We are masters at creating and implementing continuous improvement programmes into enterprise business. Deriving insight from all your customer touch points (from Web analytics and surveys right through to contact centres) across the omni channel to identify, prioritise, and deliver continuous improvement where it matters most.

how to do omni channel retail right

What do we do?

Digital Leap uses technology to enable the creation of seamless and effortless customer experiences across the digital channel. We achieve this by helping businesses better understand their customers and then creating and delivering effortless experiences that ensure their loyalty is maintained. Typically we begin with the retail component of a business then branch out across the digital and offline channels throughout your customer life cycle.

We create the vision, activate the business, and engage vustomers; Digital Leap have the knowledge and experience to ensure eCommerce fs functions not only through all your retail channels but throughout your enterprise. With experts in the fields of eCommerce, Solutions Architecture, Internet Marketing, Channel Shift, Integration and Business Analysis you can engage with us at any stage of an Online Project, from creating a Vision through to Realisation, Day to Day Operations and Optimization.

We have worked with companies of all sizes, all over Europe.We have produced Global Online Visions for companies like Bosch and engaged with companies like Amazon.co.uk to increase our clients revenue. Vision and Strategy are at our core, creating and implementing the Solution that ensures you realise them is our Passion.

Some fun thoughts...

If your digital experience is poor, is it any wonder your call center maybe poorly rated by customers? Over 60% of contacts with service centers occur after or during a visit to your website...get the digital bit right, reduce the calls, and increase loyalty. It's a no brainer!

Customers only care about the quickest route to completing a task, the fact you have 5 channels they can purchase is not relevant when they are already conversing with you on their smart phone.

Given over 70% of calls to contact center began life on your website, why do companies insist on opening their IVR with "you might be able to solve your problem on our website"...uh huh....

Customers will use whatever channel they believe will get them to their end goal with the least effort. This has caused the channel mix to become grey...the only channel that matters is the one your customer is interacting with you right now.

Who are we working with right now?

Datafox working with First Group

From 2012 we have been working closely with First Group Rail Division UK defining and delivering their online retail proposition across the omni channel (in their case; desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and ticket machines). First Group own 5 rail franchises in the UK and their customer base represents about 26% of the UK population.

Digital Leap also assist with the First Group bids for new and re-tendered UK rail franchises. This involves the development of product roadmaps, strategy, and digital experiences that reflect the needs of the customer base that is specific to each specific franchise. The franchising process is run and managed by the UK government (Department for Transport).

Bosch Power Tools Accessories

"James brought an extremely high level of expertise across all areas of internet marketing and eCommerce and has helped introduce many new highly valuable concepts to our business. His Internet Strategy has been well received across all the global regions and is an excellent platform for all our internet and eCommerce activities for the next 5 years."
Raphael Chiesa, Head of Brand Management

Pro2col Ltd

"James has lead our online strategy for several years now. He's helped us with both web design, content writing strategies, linking strategies, measurement and analytics setup and analysis, Search Engine Optimisation and article marketing. His knowledge of Web Strategy and B2B marketing online is extensive and I'd gladly recommend him and have done previously."
James Lewis, CEO

Jack's Instrument Services

"Sam showed me how to use social media and local business directories to build my brand. He also showed me how to use traffic analysis software to look at which products are in high demand and the best way to capitalise on them. He then researched my competitors and taught me how to outrank them in search engines by tweaking my website, writing search engine friendly content and promoting my website on the web."
Jack Ellis, Owner